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Make Way for Fil-Global’s Top-Rated Healthcare Program: Acute Care Aide Diploma by PCCC

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

As we all know, Fil-Global has presented many healthcare programs from different countries and institutions all over the world. Recent programs include offers for Denmark where Nurses, Doctors, and Dentists can be immigrants as early as 6 months. Another skill-based program in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada offers education and training to students providing a pathway to Permanent Residency under The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program (RNIP). A different program allows high school graduates to pursue further studies in Sydney, Australia as Disability Care Workers, and enjoy unrestricted working rights and work placements. The list goes on as Fil-Global strives to be the number 1 internship and university placement in the Philippines.

With the presence of multiple programs offered, do you wonder which of them has been awarded as the top-rated healthcare program to date? Keep your eyes glued as we present to you Fil-Global’s first pick for international healthcare programs.

Fil-Global's Choice: Acute Care Aide Diploma

About the program

It’s a full-time diploma program aimed to prepare acute care aides in various healthcare settings. The program is a mix of theoretical and practical courses delivered over 71 weeks. This can help prepare the student for further studies should they wish to take the LPN and RN career.

What makes the program unique?

Everything is provided! From internship to job placement, applicants won’t be left anywhere on their own. Students are guaranteed a paid internship via Co-op work in their second year. They are also pre-approved for a 3-year work permit which can be applied on the 12th month of stay while studying.

top rated healthcare program
PR pathway

This makes up the biggest point for getting the badge as the best healthcare program offered. Applicants will experience zero to low pressure in claiming their PR visas and the pathway has been laid out from the start of the process. Isn’t it motivating and exciting seeing your future as early as now?

Who is the awarding body?

Pacific Coast Community College will be in charge of training the students. The instructors are nurse educators that focus mainly on developing the skills needed to carry out the best care to their patients. Part of their goal is to provide students at least one job offer at graduation so students can jump-start their careers without doing any job hunting.

The school is partnered with several private agencies across British Columbia such as the Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health Authority. 99% of PCCC’s graduates are placed for positions in various health care settings.

Entry requirements

It features minimal requirements from academic records to English proficiency scores.

  • Must be 19 years old and up

  • With a High School diploma

  • IELTS General Training score of 6.0

IELTS General Training module focuses on the ability of the takers to co-exist in a diverse environment involving social and workplace interaction. The module consists of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing tests. It has been said that General Training has an easier set of tests compared to the Academic. To help you prepare for the exam, Fil-Global will be glad to assist you in your review as this is part of the member’s benefits. For more review materials, you can get free resources on the IELTS website, this will help you brush up on your English skills.

Who will benefit most from the program?

Applicants yearning to undertake the healthcare career without the trouble of passing rigorous exams and completing hard to comply requirements will benefit greatly from this program. Those who also want continuous learning and experience from the start of the program to post-graduation will find it an advantage in joining the Pacific Coast Community College.

Here’s what the students can say about their experience with PCCC:

Most students go abroad for further studies and to acquire better training but one cannot deny that they are also looking for options in getting a clear and better future. Becoming a certified resident in your target country is considered the ultimate goal. The program has surpassed the applicant’s expectations in many ways. For this reason, Fil-Global recognized the Acute Care Aide diploma by PCCC as the best healthcare program offered.

Fil-Global discourages acquiring programs that don’t offer much advantage for its applicants. Choosing a dead-end program is like investing for a one-time opportunity and it doesn’t meet FG’s mission in delivering the best pathway for its members. All of the programs offered by Fil-Global are intended to provide the PR pathway. However, with several factors involved some institutions aren’t able to sustain the process. That is why among the many partnered institutions this program deserves due recognition.

Thrilled to start your application? Book an orientation with one of the friendly agents from Fil-Global and discover the best programs designed to meet your needs. Now is the right time to pursue your dreams and make it a reality!

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