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5 Reasons Why Singapore Could Be an International Student's Choice in This Pandemic

Do you remember how life was before the pandemic started? I’m sure many of us were left somewhere in the middle. You could be one of those pushing for further learning but ended up with suspended plans because of the on-going health crisis. With the recent developments of the Covid-19 vaccine, it seems that we are nearly getting the most awaited solution. Have you started re-assessing your long-overdue plans? It’s high time to reassess your goals and discover one country that could be the safest second home for foreign learners - Singapore. Read along as I unfold the reasons that could make Singapore an international student’s choice in this pandemic.

The Reasons That Will Make You Pick Singapore

1. Controlled Covid-19 Cases

This new virus is here to linger for a while and it’s expected that people will be battling with this deadly disease for some time. While this happens, we cannot expect to put things to halt for a long period. It’s best to find alternatives and grab good options.

international students choice
Singapore Covid-19 Statistics

This live monitoring by google shows the controlled status of the Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore. Just a few hours ago, The Straits Times published an article stating that August 11 of this year marks the lowest daily figure of daily cases since April 2. The statistics prove that this country is extremely capable of dealing with this health crisis.

Should you decide to go to Singapore, be aware that long-term pass holders (including student visas) are expected to obtain permission for entry and for an approval letter to be issued. This will be required by both exit and entry points. A Stay-home notice will then be issued to new arrivals which can be waived for those with SafeTravel Pass (subject to Covid-19 testing.)

2. Safety in Singapore

Singapore has long been recognized as one of the safest countries in Asia to live. Even to date, this country still tops the position. Staying in a different place with a unique culture can be overwhelming for students. Aside from your daily struggles at work and school, safety can add up to your worries. In Singapore, you’ll be surprised at how things work differently. Knowing the local legislation before traveling will help in orienting oneself as certain conditions aren’t acceptable especially in public places.

3. Living Expenses

If you’re looking to study in a cost-friendly location, Singapore’s the place to be! It has a comparable cost of living expenditures to Metro Manila and has various job opportunities that can help students save-up for their tuition fees or simply use it as their spare money.

If you’re enrolled in one of Fil-Global’s partnered school - Auston Institute of Management, you get to enjoy free SGD 250/month for your accommodation plus huge tuition discounts! Sounds amazing, right?

4. Vast Tech-Related Jobs

Tech-related jobs have started dominating Singapore for the year 2020. According to HRM Asia, the country has continued to become a digital nation, this in turn produces a progressive demand for workforce. Some of these sought-after jobs include Data Engineer, Robotics Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Cybersecurity Specialist, E-commerce Specialist, and the list goes on. The skills involved can be acquired by enrolling in one of the best Engineering schools in Singapore - the Auston Institute of Management. This institution can help you get fast-tracked degrees, prepares you for tech-focused roles, and assists you in building the necessary skills through practical and problem-based learning.

5. Open for Post-Grad Permits and PR Visa

One of the major determinants for international students in choosing the right country and program would be its capability to provide jobs and working rights during and after studies. Whichever country you’re in, highly skilled individuals always get the advantage in terms of employability and socio-economic value. High employability means greater chances of acquiring more years of experience making the skilled worker valuable for the economic growth of the country. These make the migrants recommendable for a permanent stay.

Depending on the institution, some offer a 6-months study + 6-months internship program. The Auston Institute of Management for one offers this type of program for its students and allows graduates to apply for an S class visa to work. A permanent residency visa can also be granted after 6 months to a year of stay in Singapore giving more favor to those who have already stayed longer.

Wait! There’s more…

Want further reasons to choose Singapore as your next destination for your international studies? Attend Fil-Global’s free webinar featuring the Auston Institute of Management and get exclusive features:

  • No age limit

  • No IELTS requirement

  • No show money

  • Paid internship

  • Fly now pay later

You can also attend a one-on-one orientation with the university placement experts at Fil-Global. Listen and discover the best programs designed to fit your needs and qualifications. Send your resume now and book your appointment with us!

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