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Breaking News! Canada Student Visa Applicants No Longer Required To Pay Partial or Full Tuition Fees

Canada ticked all the boxes when it comes to being the best study-abroad destination. And with the no-tuition fee policy that emerged recently, the country has proven to be even more awesome with its friendlier student immigration policies!

Paying tuition fees either in partial or full before visa lodging is a big hindrance for international students.

Many institutions require applicants to pay as much as a semester's worth of fees before course commencement—a hefty sum! Especially for those with limited budgets.

Because of this, it's easy to rule out applicants with genuine intentions to advance their skills and knowledge.

To address this concern, the Federal Court in Canada decided to waive such a policy so applicants can continue their application even without settling the tuition fee. The new ruling was triggered by the application made by an Iranian student namely Mahyar Haji Tehrani, whose visa got rejected due to non-payment of full tuition fees.

Despite sufficient evidence, ties to the home country, and partial tuition fee payment for the enrolled program, his application was rejected. The visa officer erred on the safe side by referring to the partial payment of tuition fees as a reason for the denial.

How Student Visa Applicants Can Benefit From the Zero Tuition Fee Requirement

 Canada Student Visa Applicants Not Required Pay Tuition Fees

The decision to remove tuition fee requirements on student visa applicants provides a big relief to talented foreign nationals who have nothing but a legitimate reason for studying abroad. It also peels off financial-related barriers during the crucial period of the application process.

Despite the zero tuition fee policy, the government of Canada has made it clear that applicants must be able to prove their ability to pay the tuition and other institutional fees when required. This can be through a bank statement, proof of loan, or a letter from a sponsor.

One scenario that shows the advantage of tuition fee requirement removal is when student funds are still imminent. By proceeding with the submission of their visa application even without paying part of the course fees, applicants can avoid delays and reach their target school date.

Applying for a Canada Student Visa

Canada remains to be an excellent choice for many international students despite the challenging and rigid screening and verification by immigration officers. Whether for career advancement or work and immigration opportunities, Canada is a great place for it!

If studying in Canada interests you, here’s how you can apply for a program:

  • Firstly, join Fil-Global and become a premium member. Process confidently with a team of experts and enjoy lots of freebies! The lifetime membership will provide you with services that go beyond visa approval.

  • Attend the consultation and choose your preferred DLI (Designated Learning Institution) and program.

  • Receive your LOA.

  • Provide proof of sufficient financial support. The amount you have should cover your 1-year tuition, living expenses, and return ticket once your studies are done.

  • Keep a clean background by being free from criminal offenses.

  • Stay healthy, medical exams are required.

  • Convince the visa officers that you will leave Canada promptly once you have completed your studies.

Creating a Powerful Student Permit Application

Among the common grounds for student visa refusal are insufficient proof of study legitimacy and vague justification for leaving once the course is completed.

To avoid any doubts, applicants must establish strong supporting documents to validate their claim that they are an individual looking to advance their knowledge and that they do not plan to overstay. Here’s how to prove your intent:

  • Check your previous education and clearly state the connection of getting an additional degree or certificate. How can your profession benefit from Canadian education? If you are taking an unrelated course, provide a reason why there is a need for you to shift careers.

  • Show valid proof of finances.

  • Do you have questionable gaps in your educational history? State your reasons. If possible, provide a document to validate your claim.

  • Persuade the immigration officers through writing and provide concrete proof that shows you will be leaving Canada after your studies. This can be done by writing a good Statement of Purpose (SOP) and presenting a letter that highlights your ties to your home country.

  • Include any relevant documentation that can help convince officers even more that you deserve to be granted a student permit.

2023 has never been this exciting for international students! Grab the opportunity now and start building the career you’ve been dreaming of with the help of the most trusted, ISO-certified immigration service provider in the Philippines.

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