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Centennial College Programs for K12 Graduates – Your Ticket to a Successful Career

Are you a K12 graduate planning to take things seriously through international education? Are you adventurous enough to take the challenge? If yes, here's everything you need to know about some of the hottest programs you could choose at Centennial College in Ontario, Canada.

Centennial College

Centennial College is the first community college and the oldest publicly funded in Ontario. Established in 1966, this institution serves primarily in the eastern portion of Greater Toronto. It has five campuses and seven satellite locations.

This school is proud of being one of the most culturally diverse colleges in Canada. With almost 100 ethnocultural groups represented enrolled, and more than 80 languages spoken on campus, there is no doubt that this college is one of the best choices for international students.

Centennial College offers more than 260 programs to its 22,000 full-time and 19,000 part-time students. It has bachelor's degrees, diplomas, certificates, post-certificate, and apprenticeship programs across many fields. It offers studies in business, hospitality and tourism, community and health studies, engineering, and transportation.


Morningside Campus

This campus is located in Scarborough and operates programs in health and environmental science, architectural technology, biotechnology pharmacy technology, environmental technology, and others. So, if you are into health studies, you might want to check this campus.

Progress Campus

This campus is also located in Scarborough and it's Centennial’s largest campus. It is the site for Library and Academic facilities, including the expanded Athletic and Wellness Center. This campus offers programs in computer technology, business and hospitality, and culinary arts.

Ashtonbee Campus

Located at 75 Ashtonbee Road, also in Scarborough, this campus is home to automotive service technicians, auto body repair technicians, and general arts and science programs to name a few. This campus is known to be one of the largest transportation technology training centers in North America.

Story Art Centre

This campus was opened to accommodate Centennial's School of Communication, Media Arts, and Design. It is located near Danforth at 951 Carlaw Avenue in East York.

Story Art Centre Campus offers programs from the School of Communication, Media, Arts, and Design. Courses involve advertising and creative relations, digital animation, and game design. It also offers unique Performance programs such as Theatre Arts Performance.

Downsview Aerospace Hub

Located in Downsview Park, Toronto, Centennial College is a partner of Downsview aerospace consortium along with the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, and other reputable institutions. It conducts research on electric landing gear for energy-sufficient aircraft.

Suzhou Centennial College

Suzhou is located in China and it is the first Canadian college approved by the Chinese government. It aims to bring Canadian quality education to China. It offers eight programs including, accounting, finance, software engineering, and business.

Featured Programs

Baking Skills Program

School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts

If you want to pursue your passion for baking and have your own bakeshop in the future, this program is for you! Here, you'll learn the fundamentals and heighten your skills as you get involved in the kitchens of professional bakers and top hotels.

The baking sector has one of the most extensive and dynamic industries with unlimited opportunities. This program will make you work-ready with certifications in Smart Serve and Safe Food Handlers.

The program also provides training and awareness certification that will support you as you enter the hospitality industry. The certification will equip you with the necessary knowledge and resources on harassment prevention and safe practices as a frontline worker in the hospitality industry.

Career Options and Education Pathways

The Baking Skills program provides learning opportunities that will hone your skills and prepare you for your future career. This includes fine decorating and finishing skills and large quantity production techniques.

If you want to continue your learning in Baking, graduates from this program can proceed directly to a Diploma course under the Baking and Pastry Management Program.

Career Outlook

Being in a highly competitive industry, there are lots of opportunities for this profession. Below are some of the most common career opportunities for those with Baking skills:

  • Commercial Baker

  • Production Baker

  • Cake Decorator

  • Food Manufacturer

The average salary for bakers in Canada starts at $25,000 to $40,000 a year. Now that’s making money while pursuing your passion for baking! Awesome!

Business Foundations

The Business School

The Business Foundation program supports students who have applied to enter the Business School but haven't satisfied the English communication admission requirement. This program is another entryway for students who are highly motivated to global competency and incorporate Canadian business culture and practices.

Career Options and Education Pathways

The program emphasized the use of English to ensure the quality of learning experiences. Business Foundation courses include business-focused subjects, designed to prepare you for several diploma programs in case you want to pursue your business degree in the future.

Career Outlook

The Business Foundation program serves as your doorway to a diploma in Business School programs. Upon completion, students will be allowed to advance in other business courses.

Here are some of the careers you can pursue once you finish a diploma in business/business management:

  • Business Executive

You would be expected to develop and maintain business relationships with customers and stakeholders. You are also responsible for building and maintaining a good reputation and improve the profitability of your company. The average salary earned in this job would be $60,000 annually.

  • Management Consultant

Management Consultants are responsible for the operations of the organization. They are in charge of improving their business value and solve issues that may arise concerning the business. The average salary for Consultants would be $77,000 per year.

  • Sales Associate

Sales associates maintain positive relations with the customers. They are responsible for selling businesses products and services. Their average annual salary is around $40,000.

Education Pathways

Upon completion of the two-semester program, you will be qualified to take a diploma or advanced diploma in the business program of your choice.

Personal Support Worker

School of Community and Health Studies

If your passion falls on providing compassionate care to individuals, the Personal Support Worker Program under the School of Community and Health Studies is for you.

This program focuses on health-related services required by individuals with physical disabilities, impairments, and other chronic and acute illnesses. The training you will receive will give you the flexibility to adapt to a variety of hospital settings, homes, communities, and other care facilities.

Here, you will learn a hands-on approach assisted by hospital and community health care experienced faculty. The learning experience in a community setting will allow you to gain opportunities in rendering care and knowing how to communicate with members of the health care team.

Career Options and Education Pathways

The Personal Support Worker program provides the latest policies and practices in the health care field. It offers 14 weeks of extensive practical learning by immersing in hospitals and care institutions in the community.

Once you’ve earned the Personal Support Worker Certificate, you’ll be able to participate and become a member of the professional health care team and maintain the provision of supportive care in the community, retirement homes, hospital care, and long-term care homes.

The certificate and training will allow you to take the Bridging Program so you may advance your career to Practical Nursing. Upskilling may lead you to a better employment opportunity in the health care sector.

Career Outlook

Personal Support Worker program offers you the following career opportunities:

  • Personal Support Worker

  • Home Support Worker

  • Home Health Care Worker

  • Personal Care Attendant

This kind of job could give you an annual salary of $35,000 for an entry-level position while highly experienced workers earn as high as $45,000.


School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science

In today’s changing world, we are now using technology in our everyday work. People rely mostly on computers, applications, and computer networks. To ensure the security of the files, companies need more IT professionals who could handle cybersecurity, network security, mobile security, and hacking.

Centennial College’s Cybersecurity program is a one-year graduate certificate program designed to address the increasing demand for IT Professionals. The program will teach you how to safeguard computer systems, applications, and networks from cyber criminals through malicious software. Here, you will learn the current IT security tools and policies in a modern cybersecurity lab.

Career Options and Education Pathways

The Cybersecurity Program has a wide array of career opportunities in the industry. Take a look at the options you may consider in the IT field.

  • Cybersecurity Consultant

  • Network Security Specialist

  • Operations and Security Management

  • Incident and Threat Manager

  • Systems Architect

  • Risk Analyst

  • Risk Manager

  • Forensic Analyst

  • Education and Training manager

Being one of the best-paying jobs in Canada, IT professionals receive an annual salary of $60,000 for entry-levels to $85,000 for an experienced one.

Autobody Repair Techniques

School of Transportation

If you have a passion for tinkering with your automobile, the Autobody Repair Technique program might interest you. Even if you have no experience in Auto Body Repair Techniques, this program gives you theoretical knowledge and practical skills to help you gain a competitive advantage right after completion.

This one-year program will give you credits to an entry-level career in the auto body industry. You will be trained and gain hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art auto body lab complete with new equipment. After finishing the course, you will earn credits in an apprenticeship program.

Graduates of this program will have an Auto Body Repair Certificate and will be qualified for a Level 1 Auto Body Repair and Collision Damage Repairer Apprenticeship school training in Ontario. This will assist your journey as a registered Apprentice and will prepare you for your Level 2 traditional apprenticeship when you decide to return to school.

Career Options and Education Pathways

The School of Transportation program delivers awareness on the current industry developments and practices twice a year. This will make its students be more updated on the demands of the field. You will acquire skills on:

  • Detailing and buffing

  • Welding

  • Auto body and frame repair

  • Refinishing procedure

  • Removing and replacing mechanical components

Career Outlook

There are plenty of careers lined up for the Auto Body Repair Techniques program. Here are some of the careers you might consider:

  • Auto Body Repair Technician

  • Automotive Restoration Technician

  • Commercial Vehicle Body Repairer

  • Automotive Detailer

  • Damage Repair Appraiser

  • Automotive Painter

  • Insurance Estimator

The entry-level salary for this profession would start at $40,000 and may reach as high as $100,00 per year for an experienced technician.

These certificate-level courses are great pathways, especially for K12 graduates. Building a career may be tough, but not with the right school and programs. If you want to jumpstart your career in Canada and ultimately apply for permanent residency, this is the perfect option for you.

All Centennial College programs are eligible for the PGWP to PR pathway. We'd be happy to assist you in making your dreams come true! Ask one of our Fil-Global agents to help you plan your career route by dropping us a message on our social media page.

Fil-Global is now offering a Fly Now Pay Later scheme in partnership with Centennial College. Grab this as a great opportunity for you to learn and experience the home of the Maple Tree. Check out our website and book for a free consultation now.

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