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5 Best Centennial College Courses for Filipino International Students

Are you a Filipino wanting to seek a new adventure? Would you wish to be somewhere else rather than basking in the tropical heat in the Philippines? Do you have the spirit to take the leap of faith and become an international student in a foreign place? If your answer to all these questions is a “Yes!”, then we would like to invite you to enroll here in Canada's number 1 college of choice for International students!

But Why Canada?

Canada is the second-largest country in the world that has a strong fast-paced growing economy and ranks highly in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. Studying in Canada will also provide you with numerous possibilities.

About Centennial College

Centennial College was established in 1966. It is located in Ontario, Canada, and it was the first community college recognized as one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions. Imagine, its campus has a hundred ethnocultural groups, with 80 languages spoken, all from different parts of the world! You will never feel lonely in this community.

It is also comforting to know that Centennial College already has several Filipino students currently enrolled. Do you want to know the top 5 most popular courses in Centennial College―which our Filipino counterparts find appealing to be enrolled in? If so, dive in and discover which program will lead you to your dream career!

Bachelor of Information Technology - Computer and Communication Networks (co-op)

Are you one of those techy-savvy individuals? Do you have a penchant for tinkering with computer software? If so, this course is a great choice for developing your passion for mixing business and computer wireless systems.

Centennial College is the only institution to have been offered by the Canada Ministry of Colleges and Universities to operate this degree with an Applied Science Program. It has tie-ups to Canada's top companies like IBM, CIBC Technology and Operations, Workbrain Inc., and much more, thus, making it an appealing and promising course for students in this college.

Due to the pandemic, we have realized how important information technology is in our lives. Without it, it would be very difficult for the economy to function during this trying time. Because of this reality, companies acknowledged the need for more IT staff, which in turn increased job demands. The rate of employment for IT graduates is growing rapidly especially in Canada. As of this year, IT professionals have a salary range of $33,494 to $106,149 per

Culinary Management

Are you a Filipino passionate to be in the business of food making and entertaining guests? Or maybe a chef by heart?

Culinary management is a 2-year undergraduate diploma in Centennial College that teaches you the necessary skills and knowledge to create exquisite menus and dishes inspired by global food trends and flavors.

Part of this program is designing restaurant menus or planning culinary events within large hotels, working with food to provide a world-class culinary experience for guests. Not only will you enjoy the environment, but you also get to experience the Canadian culture firsthand through celebrations and gatherings.

The pandemic may be looming, yet hotels, restaurants, and recreation centers have been more competitive than ever in providing guests with utmost pleasure, security, and safety. This goes to show that the hospitality business never ceases.

The food industry will always be a profitable one. That is why the demand for this type of career persists, especially when you get a diploma from a good college. The salary range for this profession is from $45,279 up to $390,000.

Early Childhood Education

International Filipino students who have a passion for teaching give high regard in choosing this course. Teachers of Early Childhood Education (ECE) dream of molding children to better individuals in society. If you have the gift of patience, love, and wisdom for kids, venturing into this career is the best decision you might make.

According to Wikipedia, Early Childhood Education is a branch of education theory that relates the teaching of children from birth up to the age of eight. Centennial College offers in-depth experience focusing on all developmental stages of childhood.

Teaching kids may not be an easy job but it is a very rewarding career in the field of Education. Aside from giving the chance to foster holistic and developmental growth of future generations, it gives you stable employment in Canada and self-fulfillment, while earning a good wage. Salary in Canada for this career ranges from $29,250 to $109,200.

Business Accounting

Filipinos who choose this course are in love with logic, analysis, and numbers. They are curious about how all the businesses in the world move forward profitably. If you think you're one of these people, Business Accounting is a perfect career for you at Centennial College.

Centennial College Accounting program concentrates on building skills in financial and managerial accounting while developing strong knowledge in accounting software. Communication and analytical skills are emphasized―a crucial factor for giving students an edge in Canada's competitive labor market.

We cannot deny the fact that there will always be a demand for accounting graduates. Both profit or non-profit institutions have an accounting system be it a church, hospital, or even a prison cell.

It also has many specialized branches of study in which you can focus. You can start by being a bookkeeper, a clerk, or you can further your studies and become a CPA. To have a specialty in accounting can make you demand a more lucrative pay. The salary range of accountants in Canada is $73,608 to $113,690.

Mechanical Engineering

Filipinos are creative in spirit, no wonder many opted to take mechanical engineering courses in Canada.

Becoming a mechanical engineer is the dream of many students who loves designing machines such as electric generators, turbines, and engines. Do you know that mechanical engineers are the ones who design machinery found in buildings such as elevators and escalators? This is a career with a broad scope of opportunities especially when construction developments are booming, not only in Canada but all around the world.

Taking this course at Centennial College will give you a greater advantage especially if you plan to make a career in Ontario. Their study program results are closely tied to the needs of the workplace―extremely hands-on! Plus, the school has the state of the art and latest equipment that can fully increase the simulation approach of the actual work environment.

Mechanical engineering will not only land you a job that can give you satisfaction on working for your passion but will also provide you with a high salary. As of 2021 per, the estimated salary of mechanical engineers in Canada is $40,713 to $107,675.

These careers are just five of the most desired by Filipino international students based on statistics, demand, and salary, but Centennial College has more to offer. Visit our website and allows us to walk you through their programs.

Did we fail to cover your ideal program? Don't fret! Find that dream course of yours! Our Fil-Global team would be happy to assist you and help you begin your Canadian journey. As part of Fil-Global's monthly promotion, Centennial College is one of our participating schools to offer the "Fly-Now-Pay-Later" scheme. This would be a great opportunity for you to get started! Contact us now and book a free orientation!

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