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How To Ensure a Powerful Resume as an International Student

Fresh graduates and ongoing students require a strong resume. It not only helps them during their post-graduate years, but it also makes them more attractive when looking for internship opportunities or related part-time job offers.

For this post, I’ll provide you with some tips on how to ensure a powerful resume as an international student. Read up and remember each pointer so you could work on making your CV more marketable as early as now.

1. Improve your resume layout.

How To Ensure Powerful Resume International Student

Apart from communicating your skills and achievements, CVs and application letters speak a lot about your personality and attitude towards work.

When was the last time you’ve cared about how your resume looks? Firstly, change your format and look for modern templates. This will help get things done quickly without worrying much about the details such as the fonts and spaces.

2. Tailor-fit your content.

If you want to increase your chances of landing your dream job, make sure to include the most important content only. Once you do this, together with the use of an efficient layout, you should be able to come up with a 1-page resume. A single-page resume is usually preferred by employers especially for those who haven't had much experience yet.

3. Add more valuable content by joining organizations or clubs related to your course.

If you're a computer science or an electrical engineering student, consider joining a robotics club and express your interest by participating in competitions. If you are in the field of healthcare, joining the red cross club is a great way to fire up your resume and build connections at the same time.

What does this prove to employers? Your ability to balance commitments shows that you have a knack for good management. And since being involved in extracurricular activities demonstrates great teamwork and communication skills, employers are well attracted to these traits because they value these qualities in their workplace.

4. Look for work-integrated learning opportunities.

How To Ensure Powerful Resume International Student

If you're wondering how to ensure a powerful resume as an international student, the easiest way would be through enrolling in programs that offer co-op, work placement, and internship options. Doing so will help you stand out among a pool of applicants since you already have actual work experience.

Aside from this advantage, you also have the chance to earn while gaining valuable skills. Many graduates have found employment in the same company they are working for as an intern.

5. Find opportunities to network.

Aside from utilizing part-time jobs and organization participation as an opportunity to network, you can look for more ways by tapping people you professionally admire, engaging with your faculty, using LinkedIn, connecting with fresh graduates, or simply attending networking events.

Professional networking events are organized from time to time by colleges, groups, and institutions. Its main purpose is to bring people together so employers may find the right people to welcome into their company.

So how does networking help build a strong resume? Once you have formed professional relationships, you can use them as future reference (with consent of course) and gain access to job opportunities thus helping you advance in your career and profile.

6. Learn new skills.

How To Ensure Powerful Resume International Student

Learn something new especially during school breaks. You can try studying a new language or enroll in soft skill courses. All the certifications and achievements will help your resume look good.

7. Do volunteer work.

Being interested in volunteer work shows an overview of your character. It also tells that you value experiences and that you’re driven not just by money alone. Research also shows that applicants with volunteering histories have better chances of being hired.

Now that you know how to ensure a powerful resume as an international student, start crafting that compelling profile as soon as you commence your course. Remembering these 7 tips will help strengthen your resume and give yourself the edge!


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