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How to Get a 3-Year Post-Grad Work Permit in Canada

Studying abroad takes a lot of contemplating and planning. And with the expenses involved, I’m sure you’ve been listing down different options that can give you the best value for your money.

But what if I tell you that there’s an option for you to work full-time for 3 years right after your studies in Canada? Would you be interested in taking a program that can help you ensure a working permit even without an employer?

If you’ve been dreaming about this kind of pathway, I highly recommend reading this article as this will serve as your quick guide on how to get a 3-year Post-Grad Work Permit in Canada.

What is a Post-Grad Work Permit?

How to Get Post Grad Work Permit Canada

PGWP or a Post-Graduation Work Permit is an open work permit granted to international students who have completed an eligible program. Unlike regular work permits, PGWPs do not require an employer or a sponsor. You can immediately apply for one within 180 days of the completion of your course and can work full time immediately even if your application is still being processed.

Post-Grad Work Permits vary depending on the duration of the course taken and can range between 18 months and 3 years. However, we strongly suggest taking up the 3-year studies since this can help you in obtaining your Permanent Residency (PR) status.

Who is eligible for a Post-Grad Work Permit?

All students who have completed an eligible course may apply. Below are the levels of study considered as acceptable for the PGWP:

  • Public post-secondary school - college, trade/technical school,

  • Quebec private post-secondary schools operating similarly with public institutions

  • Quebec private secondary or post-secondary schools offering qualifying programs of 900 hrs

  • Private schools capable of awarding degrees under provincial law (exclusive for those under programs leading to a degree)

Wondering what type of programs are considered as “eligible”? Here is an example of schools and studies fitted for the PGWP.







If you need advice on what program best suits you, feel free to contact our trusted agents and we’ll help you determine your course. We will carefully review your employment history, educational background, and the rest of the details found in your CV so we could determine the program you’re qualified for.

Steps on how to get a 3-year Post-Grad Work Permit in Canada

How to Get Post Grad Work Permit Canada

Since you already know what a PGWP is, it’s now time to find out how you can take advantage of this pathway and make the most out of your student visa.

Step 1: Submit your requirements for assessment at Fil-Global

Gather your preliminary requirements such as Transcript of Records, Resume, Passport/s, and Visa/s (optional), Diplomas, and Education Document. Submit them through our website and wait for our call. Alternatively, you may contact our agents through our Facebook page and submit your documents directly.

Step 2: Attend the one-on-one orientation with your assigned agent

Fil-Global provides group (free) and one-on-one orientations. If you want to gather general information about our services and programs offered, or maybe get a feel on our level of reliability as a student placement agency, we encourage you to join both of our virtual orientations.

One-on-one provides more room for inquiries and assessments. When you’re ready to take things more seriously, feel free to book an individual orientation and have your set of questions ready.

Step 3: Inform your agent that you’re interested in programs leading to the PGWP

Your agent might introduce you to some programs which we think are well-suited for you based on your background. But since we all have different preferences and goals, do not be afraid to divulge them to your agent.

If you’re aiming for a PGWP after your program, you usually need to qualify for a 2 or 3-year course. If in case your credentials lack the required qualifications, there’s no need to worry since we can provide a personalized pathway for you.

Step 4: Do personal research on the programs presented by the agent

How to Get Post Grad Work Permit Canada

Once you’re presented with options, be aware of the school’s location, course specifics, reputation, and employability rates. Though we can guarantee the exemplary standards of our partnered institutions, being conscious about the school’s performance and environment is important.

Step 5: Sign up for membership & process your visa

Now that you’re fully equipped and ready to take a whole new world, the only thing left to do is to sign up. Become a member of Fil-Global and let us take care of your application.

Step 6: Go to Canada and finish your studies

This is probably the most challenging part. We all know how hard it is to finish a degree, all the more while working and being independent. But if this is what it takes to create a solid future for you or your family, I bet there’s nothing impossible to achieve.

Be sure to complete your assigned tasks, attend your classes, and do your best on every evaluation period. You need to satisfy your professors and show them that you got what it takes to be their graduate and be part of Canada’s pool of talents.

Step 7: File for PGWP

Once you’ve finished your studies, it’s time to switch your visa to PGWP. Your new permit will serve as an opportunity for you to work with no restrictions. Should you find yourself a stable job and an employer ready to have you under a work permit, you can let go of your PGWP status anytime.

PGWP is only a one-time offer, which means you cannot re-apply for the same permit. But, with the sufficient timeframe given, there’s ample opportunity for you to land a job in line with your profession.

I hope this streamlined process helped you understand how to get a 3-year Post-Grad Work Permit in Canada easier. We understand how confusing things can get especially with the numerous options you have for your study abroad plans. The fact is, there’s just so much Fil-Global can offer to its members. So if you feel overwhelmed, allow us to filter your choices, taking into consideration your preferences and credentials, and soon you will realize that you just made one of the best decisions in your life!

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