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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Fil-Global Programs

Studying abroad can be very expensive. Most students are set aback with the fees involved especially when it comes to school tuition. It usually is a one-time bulk payment, and this comes with the issuance of an acceptance letter from the college. If you are caught off guard, you can never proceed with your application and a lot can change once there are delays with your student visa processing. Fees are an important thing to consider before even starting with your program. Since there are various options once you become a Fil-Global member, we encourage you to get a one-on-one consultation instead of just attending a generic orientation. A personalized student plan will help you choose a program that fits your needs, budget, and any other preferences. While you’re thinking of which course interests you, let me help you discover budget-friendly Fil-Global programs currently offered with our international school partners.

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Fil-Global Programs

Certificate III in Pathology Collection (HLT37215)

Southern Cross Education Institute

Melbourne, Australia

32 weeks + 35 hours work placement

$750 LOA | $5,000 full tuition

If you are a MedTech professional wanting to become an internationally recognized pathology collector, this program is for you! Studies in this field will help you learn standard routine procedures and the ability to work independently under general supervision. Technical, communication and customer service skills will be the target areas for development as these are essential in real-life work scenarios. The applicant’s qualifications will be assessed and may gain credits according to their achievements before entering the program. Once the program is completed, graduates may find employment opportunities as a Pathology Collector with work placement (35 hours) guaranteed by the school. Employment can take place in various settings that may include medical schools, laboratories, clinics, hospitals, and off-site locations. Students may also choose to take further learning in the same school by taking up Diploma of Nursing (HLT54115) or Diploma of Laboratory Technology (MSL50116) in other accredited universities/colleges.

According to SEEK, the annual salary of a pathology collector in Australia can range between $50,000 - $60,000 with projected job growth of 11.8% for the next 5 years (2019 - 2024). Medical jobs were already in-demand before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the call for more healthcare professionals rose during the outburst of the crisis. I believe the projected growth is greater than the released estimates. Wondering if the job is listed under Australia’s Skilled Occupation List? Yes, it is! And once it’s listed, you can be sure that you have a fantastic immigration pathway. With the overall information above, the program proves to be the best there is for MedTech Philippine graduates.

Bachelor of Accounting (CRICOS Course Code: 099311M) &

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CRICOS Course Code: 099312K)

Crown Institute of Higher Education

North Sydney, Australia

3 years (6 semesters)

$5,000 per semester (on-going promo)

The program caters to mature students for applicants 35 years old and above. The tuition might seem heavy considering that it is a 3-year curriculum, but come to think of it, this Bachelor’s degree for an Accounting program is the cheapest there is to date. Both of these courses will help students gain knowledge of practices involving the profession including the concepts in dynamic businesses globally. Applicants may be required to take an IELTS exam while other related qualifications and experience will also be assessed. The study involves an on-campus workshop with a combination of online work. Once done with the program, graduates should undertake professional association studies to be able to work as a professional accountant. Possible employment opportunities include being in management, accounting, marketing, and budgeting firms. Accounting students may also complete postgraduate studies by taking up a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting with a different university/college.

A professional accountant has the potential to earn $55,000 - $65,000 per year. Although the pandemic has affected the economic and labor market, as long as businesses are there, having this career pathway will still prove to be valuable.

College Diploma - Human Services

Holland College

Prince Edward Island, Canada

2 years + practicum

$500 LOA | $8,000 full tuition (on-going promo)

The program is designed to help students gain the necessary skills needed to provide a variety of services to clients with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. Students will learn how to provide assistance and at the same time promote a meaningful and productive life. The applicant’s qualifications will be assessed based on their work experience and academic background. The good news is, as part of their promotion, Fil-Global applicants are exempted from the IELTS requirement! Employment opportunities may involve public and private agencies in various settings, community support programs, and organizations. Students can take advantage of credit transfers wherein they start off with a 2-year program with Holland and finish with a university degree for another 2 years. Holland College offers multiple programs in different fields. The on-going promo applies to all courses available. Check out their website and discover what they have to offer.

Human Services workers may end up as a counselor with a salary of about $51,000 annually. The program is considered to be very diverse, a specialization may prove to be helpful in establishing a great career. Human services can concentrate in the field of counseling, behavioral management, case management, child life specialists, and the likes.

Advanced College Diploma - Biomedical Engineering Technology - Fast Track/Regular (Optional Co-op)

Centennial College

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2 years (4 semesters) FT | 3 years (6 semesters) + work terms

$15,900 per year

Students may take the fast track option once with an educational background in electronics. Since the course is a combination of engineering and medicine, applicants with related experience in this field will benefit the program. A rewarding career awaits upon successful completion of this curriculum since this is where innovation happens in the medical field. What are the outputs brought by this technology? Artificial organs, prostheses, and medical instruments are some of the products produced by this industry and it is a vital part of healthcare. Philippine MedTechs may apply to this course with a great advantage and the fees also offer the cheapest rate. Entering this program will allow you to learn the theories and take hands-on experience in their exclusive labs filled with the high-tech equipment needed to design medical equipment, rehabilitation, and health improvement devices. Graduates can take pathway programs through accredited institutions or get certifications from professional associations.

According to Neuvoo, Biomedical Engineering Technologists can earn around $61,000 while experienced workers can earn as much as $83,000 a year with the highest rate being in Ontario. If you are interested in this program, hear more by attending the virtual fair this September 19, 2020. It features ‘fly now, pay later’ promo! Grab this opportunity by booking your slot now.

Have you decided on which program to take? If not, you can always visit our website and submit your requirements for us to fully assess your qualifications. From there, we can design a program that perfectly suits your needs. We understand how funds can become a major hindrance for our students, that is why we make the load lighter by offering discounts from tuition to processing fees. Join our successful members and ride your way to victory!


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