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Planning to Study Abroad with Few Credentials? Join Blue Lotus College and Fly to Australia!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Did you know that taking higher studies abroad used to be extremely difficult? Students need not only secure large sums of money but present demanding requirements as well.

Fortunately, many taxing conditions were omitted since the emergence of COVID. Colleges have become more considerate of the applicants’ qualifications and many countries have started implementing relaxed immigration policies.

Australia is among those that made student-friendly immigration and school admission changes. From removing work restrictions to eliminating English testing prerequisites, the country and its accredited schools have done so much to entice and bring students back.

So, if you are yearning to continue your studies in Australia, but are held back by factors such as “insufficient credentials”, now is the time to push forward and accomplish your goals… with Blue Lotus College!

About Blue Lotus College (BLC)

Blue Lotus College (BLC) is a registered learning institution that offers both VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses and ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) to local and international students.

The school provides practical training so students can learn the necessary skills efficiently. It has an excellent team of educators that takes the time to assess each learner’s needs to address them individually.

To provide students with fast access to various learning materials, a learning management system is used by the school. Through this, learners can take hold of important information by logging into the system anywhere and anytime they want to. And since the school promotes practical training, there are state-of-the-art amenities available for students and instructors to use.

Courses Available to International Students

For aspiring chefs and cooks:

SIT40521 – Certificate IV in Kitchen Management

Do you see yourself managing the back of the house? Take up this course to assume a leading role in the kitchen, and experience the behind-the-scenes action.

This work-based training will equip you with the right skills and help you function with less supervision to cater to routinary and non-routinary kitchen situations.

SIT30821 – Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

If you have a natural passion for food and creativity, this course should help you reach new heights in your career. Commercial cookery is referred to as a growth-industry job in Australia. Because of the country’s vibrant culinary scene, growth opportunities are plenty!

For future business leaders:

BSB40120-Certificate IV in Business

Are you into business services job roles? This course will help you build self-development skills necessary to carry out administrative and operational tasks in various business settings.

BSB50420 – Diploma of Leadership and Management

Join this program and learn the right set of knowledge, skills, and experience when it comes to providing leadership and management to individuals and teams of different industries.

At the end of the course, graduates are expected to display good initiative and judgment so they can come out as professionals who can plan, structure, incorporate and assess both predictable and unpredictable situations.

For providers of computing solutions:

ICT50220 – Diploma of Information Technology

Be part of the fastest growing careers today by studying information Technology. Individuals with information and communications technology (ICT) roles enjoy a stable and lucrative profession, as the current employment market suggests.

So, what are you waiting for? If you love creativity and enjoy working in a thriving technology sector, this is the go-to course!

ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Telecommunications network engineering specialization)

This course will provide you with specialist technical skills whether you’re planning to work independently, lead or be with a team.

For those looking to land a finance or accounting role:

FNS40217 – Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and accounting roles may have shifted dramatically since the pandemic, but this doesn’t mean that the demand has ceased. From consultancy to financial advice, the age of the new normal brought a fresh perspective to the accounting and bookkeeping profession.

FNS50217 – Diploma of Accounting

Yearning to expand your practice as a financial service provider? A Diploma of Accounting qualification can take you one step away from working as a Tax Practitioner Board (TPB) registered accountant or BAS (Business Activity Statement) agent.

This program includes units comprising an approved TPB course in Australian taxation law and commercial law. This means registration or licensing can be obtained after completing the course.

Why Choose Blue Lotus College (BLC)?

No IELTS Requirement

Getting an acceptable IELTS score for school admission requirements can be a tough nut to crack. But if you choose to enroll with BLC, IELTS will no longer be required.

Blue Lotus College (BLC) is among the few colleges in Australia that doesn’t require an English proficiency exam for its enrollees. Take advantage of this offer and get admitted to your preferred program!

No Show Money

Depending on which educational institution a student is enrolled in, exemptions are applicable. In Australia, all level 1 and 2 schools won’t require proof of funds from their students. And if you’re enrolled at BLC, you won’t need any document to show that you have the right funds to support your studies.

Medium of Instruction (MOI) Certificate Not Required

Some foreign students are no longer required to take an IELTS exam but will be required to present a Medium of Instruction (MOI) Certificate. This document serves as proof that the completed degree in your country was delivered using the English language.

With BLC, you'll experience hassle-free admission since there’s no need to secure an MOI. The college has made it easier for applicants to pursue higher education in Australia with its relaxed requirements.

Budget-Friendly Programs

The cost of VET courses in Australia can range around AU$4,000 to AU$22,000 per year depending on the program taken. Here’s a quick list of some of the courses at BLC with their corresponding tuition fees:


Tuition Fee

Enrolment Fee

SIT40521 – Certificate IV in Kitchen Management



​SIT30821 – Certificate III in Commercial Cookery



BSB40120-Certificate IV in Business



BSB50420 – Diploma of Leadership and Management



ICT50220 – Diploma of Information Technology



ICT60220 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Telecommunications network engineering specialisation)



​FNS40217 – Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping



FNS50217 – Diploma of Accounting



Can Bring Spouse/Kids

If you wish to bring your whole family, you can do so! This also includes de facto partners (live-in partner), provided you can prove that you are in the so-called relationship.

Low cost of living

You must have heard a lot of people saying that living in Australia is quite expensive for international students, but it actually depends on the factors considered.

For example, when you compare the consumer prices between the UK and Australia, you’ll find that it’s lower in the UK. However, if you check the purchasing power of those residing in the UK, you’ll see that it’s low as well due to cheaper wages.

If you’re concerned about your resources, you can make up for the extra funds needed by working more hours. The good news is, student visa work hours restrictions are lifted until June 30, 2023! So, for those who are coming to Australia for this year’s intake, you are given this opportunity to earn!

Students under the old Curriculum are accepted

If you graduated under the old curriculum (basic 10-year schooling), you can still apply and be admitted to Blue Lotus College.

ALS graduates are welcome

The Alternative Learning System (ALS) is a non-formal learning system provided by the Philippines that allows out-of-school youth and adult learners to gain higher education.

Many ALS graduates worry about their employment prospects after graduation, some even express doubts about the credibility of the program, so who would’ve thought that ALS finishers are welcome to study at BLC Australia?

Fortunately, at BLC, you can continue further learning with ease… even with limited credentials! Eager to know more? Call our friendly agents now and discover how you can be admitted to your favorite program.


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