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UK Internship Program for Nurses

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Are you a Nursing graduate who wants to become a certified nurse in one of the best countries? Do you still feel sorry about the chances you could have taken to pass the local board exam? I say it’s time to move on and grab a better opportunity! Read over and learn how to transform those dreams into a reality for this could be your gateway to making those skills internationally recognized!

The UK Nursing Apprenticeship Programme is set to take a big role in producing the targeted number of healthcare workers for the next four years. The government supports the move by funding the costs involved and about 2,000 nurse apprentices every year are hoped to be produced. While no further news has been released as to how the selection of qualified applicants would take place, there is no reason to sit and wait for this moment to happen. Fil-Global in partnership with Activate Learning can help you take that first leap for a rewarding career in healthcare and follow a pathway to achieving permanent residency and British citizenship.

Program Introduction and Highlights

Access to Higher Education (HE) Online: Nursing and Midwifery Level 3 Diploma

This is a one year program delivered purely online and it includes personal and weekly tutorials. This UK Internship Program for Nurses offers convenience and flexibility for learners as it allows the students to focus on the whole duration of the study. The set-up also protects the students while the pandemic is still on-going. The learning can take place wherever they are here in the Philippines. It provides ample time for COVID-19 health crisis to settle down and for the vaccine to be made available. This provides additional assurance for healthcare students to pursue the program with safety in mind. The diploma is also a preparatory route for those wishing to push further studies in Universities as the credentials are widely recognized and accepted.

Program Delivery

The program is too good to be true but truth to be told, it is a pure online study. Like any other course, students will have to take exams and coursework aimed to develop the healthcare foundation and skills needed especially during the practicum period. Due to the nature of the study, a workable schedule and study plan will be developed according to the preferences and availability of the student. A support group will also be provided to make the student’s learning experience pleasurable.

Program Pathway

The pathway offers a good opportunity for nurses to reach the ultimate goal - PR and citizenship. The paid internship not only provides the chance for trainees to earn while doing their practicum, but it also helps collect fruitful years of being in service to the people of the UK and contribute to the development of the healthcare system. The length of work rendered offers a helpful part in the points-based system evaluation when applying for a change in status.

UK Internship Program for Nurses
Nursing Career Pathway

Higher Nursing Education Opportunities

As previously mentioned, the program serves as a preparatory route for University degrees in line with the nursing and midwifery profession. The completion of the program will open the doors to the diverse field of nursing such as child health, mental health, midwifery, learning disabilities, and many more. Aside from being able to take up a specialization, students may also proceed to a master’s degree course and enjoy the benefits of having the entire family in the UK.


Unlike any other international students, this program offers a generous funding option. The government is offering financial support of £5,000 per year for all nursing students taking up healthcare courses starting this month (September). The student gets so much privilege with this program! The paid internship alone makes the program appealing since you don’t need to worry about your resources. Nurse interns get an average salary of £1,000 - 1,500 per month - not a bad rate to start with! Studying abroad can be very expensive, with this opportunity, you can save thousands by just staying here in our country and enjoy taking the online classes in the comfort of your homes.


Getting into this kind of program would make you think that one must possess a solid qualification. The good news is, even local non-board passers may take this program! As stated in the introduction part of this article, applicants are not required to pass the Philippine Nursing Board Exam or any other local exams they have in their country. Additionally, Nursing Midwifery Council registration is also not a prerequisite. This offers such a huge relief to applicants! Those who aren’t successful with the NMC registration have this as a second option. Have you heard about the toxic exams you need to take in order to get your NMC pin? Yup! It isn’t that easy. But with this program, you can fast track your application and undergo a less daunting task. For English qualifications, applicants must at least have an IELTS score of 6, or OET C, or PTE 60 which is quite easy to reach.

Isn’t this the perfect program for Nurses who are yearning to go abroad in the most practical way? Due to the unfortunate circumstances, Philippine Nurses aren’t allowed to fly under a work permit. This program offers the second-best choice! So, what are you waiting for? Call the friendly Fil-Global agents, book for an appointment, or attend their free webinars. If you are still on the lookout for the best offer, allow a team of immigration consultants to handle your concerns so you can focus on the more important aspects of taking the next big journey.

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