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FG’s School Highlight for November 2020: Toronto School of Management (Featuring Fly Now Pay Later)

With all of the changes going on right now - from school placement to visa application processes, choosing the best institution becomes a little more challenging. So we decided to make things easier for our future Fil-Global members by showcasing the best performing colleges and universities in terms of quality education and graduate employability. This month, we will be featuring one particular school located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - The Toronto School of Management (TSoM). Brace up as we take a closer look at its features, highlighted programs, feedback, and experiences from their very own students.

Before we even start discussing about TSoM, it’s very important to check whether the school has gained approval from a territorial/provincial government to host international students. If you have read through our previous post, IRCC has released a list of Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. Learning institutions included in the list may now start issuing acceptance letters to applicants and move through the study permit application.


About TSoM

The school operates in a five-story building packed with classrooms and learning facilities such as laboratories, a cafe, a student lounge, and an auditorium. The programs and curriculums are molded based on the dynamic market, making sure that students are on top of their careers. Since TSoM believes in the significance of real-life work experience, it has partnered with various industries to help students acquire knowledge and skills through diverse learning methods. When enrolled under the school’s various programs, you can expect a dedicated period for paid experiential learning for students to enjoy both in the financial and educational aspects.

Featured Programs

Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op

The program helps the learner grasp the skills in marketing strategy, advertising, and campaign management, hand-in-hand with the DMI (Digital Marketing Institute). Course delivery includes blended learning with in-class sessions and a paid work internship that lasts for a year. Upon successful completion, graduates will also get hold of a Digital Marketing Associate certificate.

Career opportunities under this course include communications officer, digital marketing specialist, social media coordinator, and content creator/writer. Businesses now are shifting digitally and there is a huge difference between traditional and modern marketing. Choosing this program will definitely give you an upper leg in terms of demand and employment.

Diploma in Cybersecurity Specialist Co-op

This 480 hours guided learning program aims to deliver the essential fundamentals of technological developments and prepares students to tackle some of the challenges in the recent cyberworld. Together with the 240 hours of work placement provided, the entire module will prepare the learners in actual work scenarios that involve strengthening cybersecurity systems and searching for high-risk aspects of a program.

Here are some of the roles in which graduates of this program can enjoy: Cryptographer, Software Security Engineers, Security Administrators, and Cybersecurity Analysts. The field of IT is one of the fastest-growing careers, professionals needed in this area of expertise are expected to rise tremendously. The increase has been forecasted pre-COVID, can you imagine how the percentage must’ve tripled during this time where contactless and Artificial Intelligence are highly valued?

Diploma in Business Administration Co-op

(Fil-Global recommended)

Students taking up this course will gain important knowledge and skills to successfully run business operations and develop efficient company processes. The program is a one-year in-class teaching and co-op experience (6 months study + 6 months paid internship). It features relaxed requirements as it has no conditions in terms of language qualifications, no age discrimination, with low preliminary fees (as low as $500), and supported with Fil-Global’s “Fly Now Pay Later” scheme.

There are various career options graduates can pursue, to name a few these include Administrator, Business Development Coordinator, Client Success Specialist, and Digital Marketing Assistant. Contrary to what others say about the downfall of numerous businesses, it’s not always the case for every industry. Some happen to have stronger sales and higher demand for services and products this trying time. As long as businesses exist, people in this field will always be wanted.

Students’ Real Life Experiences

Choosing a school is far more than just picking an institution due to its offered program. Factors such as culture and environment matters. What better way to validate a school’s reputation than by talking to undergraduates living the student life in TSoM. Check out their web chat feature and see how you can talk to students in different levels and areas of study.

If you’re too shy to connect, you can always check out their testimonials for now and visualize what it’s like to be part of this institution.

Ever wondered how students spend their days as a TSoM student? See the video below:

Thrilled about how your life will turn out soon with Fil-Global’s exciting programs together with our partnered schools? Give us a hint that you are interested by leaving us a message on our website or Facebook page. We offer a wide array of programs for different professionals. Whatever field you may be, we believe that there’s always one perfect chance waiting for you. Talk to our friendly agents and let us excite or rekindle your dreams.


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