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Things To Know Before Studying in Australia

When we talk about Australia, we know that the place is widely associated with kangaroos, koalas, beautiful beaches, and wildlife. Australia has so much to offer because of its laid-back nature and friendly environment and is known to be one of the world’s most diverse and welcoming countries.

On top of its natural beauty, many International students are considering Australia because of the outstanding education system and cultural diversity. Whether you're considering settling temporarily or permanently in the “land down under”, it is important to know about the culture, food, history, and social norms.

In this article, we listed some of the things to know before studying in Australia. Read through until the end as we unravel them!

Things To Consider Before Coming to Australia for Studies

things to know before studying in Australia

Being aware of some simple facts will make your stay in Australia awesome. Organizing documents and stuff could be stressful but more so if you leave everything until the last minute. You may end up settling for an arrangement that wouldn't make you feel happy, or worse, arrive in Australia all jumbled up.

To make your life easier here's what you should include in your list of "things to do" before heading off to your destination:

1. Find a reliable student placement agency.

Getting a student permit in Australia can be challenging. You need to choose the right institution and meet certain requirements, organize your documents, pay the corresponding fees, and so on. Failure to do this might cause disapproval on your visa application, resulting in delays and growing expenses.

Partnering with an agency is a wise decision. It will keep you on the right timeline and save you energy, time, and effort. Here's what an agency can do for you:

  • Provide a list of proficient schools along with their programs.

Validating schools require extra work, but when you have the assistance of professionals, you can skip the task and rely on their list of partnered schools. They also highlight certain programs which can be extremely helpful so you can stay in line with your goals.

Once you have decided which school and course to pursue, you can then proceed with your application. Institutions generally do not set deadlines for international student applications, but it is best to apply the soonest time possible. This is to make time for visa processing, flight, and accommodation arrangement.

  • Process your enrollment and LOA (letter of acceptance).

Your LOA contains all the course details and corresponding fees. Once the letter is received within the valid period. You also need to make sure that you meet your university and course conditions such as English language requirements and other pre-requisites.

  • Assist from start to end of student visa application.

Processing of student visas can take up to more or less 12 weeks. As soon as you receive your offer, you should start the application process. The processing time depends on the assessment level depending on your country of origin, and the level of education you plan to study.

  • Organize your (OSHC) overseas student health cover on your behalf.

To meet the grant of your student visa and accept your offer, you need to purchase your OSHC. OSHC is a requirement for international students and must be maintained during the duration of your stay in Australia.

  • Arrange your accommodation.

Before coming to Australia, you need to organize your accommodation for your peace of mind. You can apply for off-campus residences or independent student apartments. However, finding the right place can be difficult especially if you do not know anyone living near your college.

Fortunately, as part of the services offered by placement agencies, students are provided with options on the best locations to stay in Australia. Whether you prefer a city or a rural place, there are plenty of choices.

  • Help you in opening a bank account.

As soon as you reach the Aussie land, it is very important to open an account at the local bank. It is easier to pay bills and keep your money safe with a local bank account. Some Australian banks offer decent interest rates. This would be useful if you decide to take some part-time jobs and save up.

2. Studying in Australia is expensive.

things to know before studying in Australia

If you consider settling in Sydney and Melbourne, be prepared because these cities are included among the top ten of the world's most expensive cities to live in. Be sure to create your budget and stick to it.

3. Working while studying is permitted.

Among the key things to know before studying in Australia is the generous working rights awarded to students. Despite the expensive cost of living, it's a good thing that international students can now work up to 40 hours a fortnight since this could help cater to your living expenses.

Once you graduate, you will have the opportunity to work in Australia through a post-study work visa. This pathway will then help you gain a permanent residency permit in the country.

4. Learning the road rules is a must.

You should know that Aussies drive on the left side of the road. It is also not advisable to drive at dawn or dusk. This may sound odd, but during early morning, late evening, and nighttime, kangaroos are everywhere and it's hard to see them coming with their speed.

5. College/University life feels very relaxed.

Australian Universities are structured differently. You might observe that there is far less contact time in lectures and you'll enjoy more flexibility around the choices of modules. The Australian grading system is also unique. Australian Universities use the following marks: HD (High Distinction), D (Distinction), C (Credit), P (Pass), and F (Fail).

6. Australia is strong in global research.

things to know before studying in Australia

Australian universities excel in arts and humanities, education, and science. Australia has a big contribution to many important discoveries such as penicillin, IVF, and wifi. Thus, this makes Australia a good choice for international students to learn and undertake their research.

7. Australia possesses a friendly environment.

Studying abroad can make everyone seem open to making more friends. Student halls are full of international and Australian students that have a strong community aspect which makes making friends easier.

8. A diverse place for nightlife.

Nightlife in Australia is amazing. There are more bars and house parties rather than clubs. Alcohol is expensive in Australia, so students drink boxed wines.

The idea of studying in Australia is an adventure worth experiencing. Take the things you need to know before studying in Australia by heart as you start your journey in this magnificent country. Check out our website for more information, and our team will gladly assist you.

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