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5 Malta Programs to Choose From This 2021

Malta has long been known for its beautiful beaches and impressive sceneries. Being one of the prime destinations for vacation getaways, do you know that this country also boasts of its high-quality education and a flourishing economy?

Malta maintained its standards for top-notch education through a governing body that conducts unannounced checks and physical appearances on all operating schools. Mainly also the reason why the country has now become a popular place for language learning.

And as different industries grow and develop, business programs have started to gain popularity, making the country viable for MBA studies.

Among other European countries, Malta has the lowest unemployment rate. Even with the impact brought by COVID-19, only a 5% rise is expected to blow. Various programs such as free childcare and labor participation were then implemented almost immediately to halt the negative influence of the pandemic.

With all these advantages, Malta deserves to belong on every international student’s list of preferred countries. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ll introduce 5 Malta programs to choose from this 2021. Shall we start?

Academic English Program

Language learners will enjoy the actual immersion as the locals speak both Maltese and English. Enrollees may choose a course duration ranging from 3 to 12 months. Fees vary between 1,500 to 3,950.

Since Filipinos have good proficiency levels in English, this makes the program less desirable. Also, students enrolled in this program are not allowed to work, making it a major drawback for those wanting to be self-sustainable. Combined courses, however, makes it possible for enrollees to take jobs.

Bachelor of Business Management Program

Management degrees cover a wide range of career options. Being a primary location for business and financial services, this makes it a suitable program when taken in Malta. The entire course costs around 11,950 for a duration of 3 years.

The Business Management Program is usually perceived as a preparatory course. Due to the affordable tuition fees and cost of living, this makes it possible for international students to finish their business courses all the way until the MBA.

Masters of Business Administration Program

The welcoming business environment from start-ups to high-profile companies attracts foreign learners in Malta. As a country that recognizes the importance of university degrees, pushing for further learning proves to be beneficial for most students.

Finishing a business degree offers plenty of exciting job opportunities. Salary wise, take a look at the graph below and see which professionals are shown to have top wages:

5 Malta Programs 2021

Executive Management, Financial Services, Sales and Business Development, and Finance Control are all diverse specializations of an MBA program. The data shows a promising financial benefit for those taking up a career in this field.

Masters of Business Administration (Combined) Program

In Malta, international students are expected to demonstrate a good level of English communication skills. For applicants challenged by this factor, a combination program helps students achieve English proficiency while finishing the main course.

Depending on the IELTS score awarded, students may be required to fulfill an Academic English course that lasts 4, 8, or 12 months. However, students are encouraged to take an IELTS exam instead of taking a combination program. This is because exam charges are cheaper compared to the course fees.

Residence Permit for Doctors, Dentists, and Nurses Program

The newest program brought by Fil-Global allows the said professionals to become residents in Malta for a short period of time. The scheme works similarly with the Denmark program, only that a job is provided while language studies are being completed.

The applicants will join a stipend work with earnings ranging from $1,200 to $1,500. After completing the language requirement, applicants can start working independently as a registered healthcare professional.

The No IELTS, Maltese, and regulatory board exams requirements are some of its best features. It is starting to gain popularity as more Fil-Global members are registering under this program.

We hope this article gave you ideas on what Malta has to offer. This country makes it possible for students to learn while having fun in the sun. If this lifestyle depicts the kind of living you wanted to achieve, you haven’t gone wrong in choosing Malta as your country of destination.

Do you wish to talk about your qualifications and career plans in a detailed manner? Book an orientation, and discuss them with the experts at Fil-Global.


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