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Join a Life-Changing Career in Social Work Through Excelsia

Do you love reaching out to a community with a diverse setting? Is being sociable a natural thing for you? If your answer is yes, read on for this program could help you build your future! Social work programs offer one of the most called-for careers. This profession has various specialties with an opportunity to develop on a distinct field of interest. One can choose to focus on areas such as aging, child welfare, health care, mental health, and developmental. Social workers have an important role in helping the people in a community by determining their needs and addressing the issues. They are often the first-base of contact and their efforts for keeping the society functional are valuable.

Thankfully, an international program has now been offered by Excelsia in Sydney, Australia. Let’s take a closer look at the course details, employment prospects, work environment, and immigration pathway.


Master of Social Work (Qualifying) or MSW (Q) is a 2-year program accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). The goal of this course is to produce highly competent professionals who could assist the vulnerable people of the community. Some of the most important skills involved in this profession are social perceptiveness, active listening, reading comprehension, service, and speaking. Due to the nature of this profession, a face-to-face and small-grouped intensive class interaction is carried out by the instructors. Students will also experience blended learning through different technologies and are expected to undergo a field practicum and work placement of 1000 hours.

Entry Requirements

Since strong communication skills are required, applicants are expected to have an IELTS score of 6.5 with no band less than 6. If you have taken previous studies on the following fields below, you can be qualified for direct entry:

  • Psychology

  • Community & Welfare Studies

  • Sociology

  • Human Development

  • History

  • Gender Studies

  • Media & Arts

  • Nursing, Allied Health

  • Counseling

  • Philosophy

  • Law

  • Politics

  • Anthropology

Employment Prospects

Below, the data shows that the employment for Social Workers has steadily increased from the year 2018 to 2019 and it is expected to continuously rise until the year 2024. Although the interpretation has yet to consider the COVID-19 aftermath, it is obvious that the need for inclusive social and economic services is one of the top priorities these times.

career social work excelsia

Since we now know how varied the industries are involved in this profession, let’s see which one shows to be of high-demand in the graph below:

career social work excelsia

Healthcare and social assistance sector got the 71.1% share of employed social workers in Australia. This is because health and social care delivery are vital to any community. Social workers in this field make sure that the needs of each family in a community are identified and they advocate for improved services through research and planning. With the health crisis going on, all the more these professionals are needed since vulnerable individuals are experiencing more dilemmas with COVID-19.

As for the earnings, full-time social care workers can make around $1,829 per week with chances of greater profits for experienced professionals. Since the work involved is highly mobile, social carers are expected to acquire a full driving license and this is mostly required by employers.

Work Environment

Students must be able to learn the art of communication through direct or indirect contact since this will become the pillar of their career. People who do poorly in connecting with others in various social scenarios might have a hard time growing in this profession.

Social workers are expected to be in touch with different organizations once recommendations for assistance is determined. Prior to entering the actual working environment, it is crucial for learners to develop independence, analytical, and administrative skills to be able to function effectively. Social workers spend their usual days at work with little to no supervision, that is why proper training from well-experienced instructors are needed before going out to the real world.

Immigration Pathway

Finishing the MSW (Q) program will allow graduates to avail the 3 years Post-Graduate Work Permit. Related work experience provides special points for those wishing to get a PR status in Australia. Since this program leads to a job that is part of the country’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL), you can be sure that there are vast opportunities in this profession both immigration and career-wise.

If you ask us “Why Excelsia?”, It’s because not all institutions are recognized by the AASW. And to be able to practice, professionals are required to be accredited and become a member of this organization. Apart from this credential, the institution also welcomes international students with the option of bridging or direct entry. Many will find this a privilege since local studies are recognized making it more practical for learners. If you think this program suits you, let our Fil-Global agents assess your qualifications and start building your career in social work through Excelsia.


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