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3 New Zealand Programs That Will Secure Your Future This 2021

New Zealand holds an outstanding reputation when it comes to quality education. This place has a stable economy with plenty of work opportunities, especially for highly-skilled individuals. To make things more appealing for you, New Zealand passports are bestowed as the most powerful in the world post-COVID. With its successful control over the spread of the virus, the country has gained well-deserved recognition.

Countries are still scrambling in restoring the fallen international education sector. While Canada and Australia are taking action on resuming mobility on its foreign students, New Zealand is still on the talks in re-opening its borders. Though Australia’s pilot program to bring back 300 students this September was put on hold, the attempt proved to be a positive sign that efforts are being made to help foreign learners resume studies in their country. 2020 might be a gloomy year for all but the following year holds a promising future for each student.

If you’re planning to pursue your career in New Zealand, it would be wise to check which industry is in-demand. Things have drastically changed since the pandemic started and this includes the labor market. Are you wondering which New Zealand programs will help you secure your future this 2021? Read on and discover the top 3 courses that will surely lead you to a successful career.

Healthcare Programs

It’s no surprise. The healthcare industry depends on the highly-skilled individuals that help support the whole system. The pressure brought by COVID-19 has increased the need for more healthcare workers thus making this program the most sought-after. The need for more nurses in New Zealand has long been recognized even before the start of the pandemic. Aged care nurses particularly have the highest demand. With the older nurses retiring and an increase in the aging population, the call for these professionals has soared higher.

Unitec Institute of Technology in West Auckland offers a Nursing program that will prepare students in their registration as a Nurse. The 3-year degree will help students learn the essentials of delivering world-class health care and meeting the diverse needs of the community. The learning will involve practice placements that will enhance the skills and experience of each student. New Zealand Skills and Education Group (NZSEG) also offers a Community Healthcare and Support program that will help students work in a specialized field in the healthcare industry. The 1-year course aims to develop the competencies needed by the student in the following discipline: palliative and aged care, rehabilitation, health promotion, and primary health care. Industry work placements at the end of the program are provided to allow hands-on experience and application of technical knowledge. Both of these studies offer a pathway to professional registration and diverse employment opportunities.

Information Technology Programs

Known to be the fastest-growing industry in New Zealand, careers in the IT industry lead many opportunities for those professionals qualified in this sector. Cybersecurity has brought an increasing concern to many businesses over the internet. All the more with the on-going pandemic, e-commerce has emerged drastically. Since data protection issues arise alongside the online appearance of multiple enterprises. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has tightened its regulations in maintaining personal information security.

Small businesses have now become the newest favorite for cybercrime attacks. For this reason, hardening the cybersecurity system is now part of the biggest focus on IT. According to the Wolrd Economic Forum, the forecasted at-risk cybercrime global cost from 2019-2023 (projected last 2019) is approximately $5.2 trillion. With just a few institutions that have utilized the new technology methods, this global concern remains to be a primary concern for many businesses.

3 New Zealand Programs 2021

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New Zealand’s tech sector has been considered to be diverse and advanced. The industry demands consistent innovation and this move has produced more opportunities for people in the field of IT.

To those who wish to take their IT profession to the next level, Unitec’s Computing and Information Technology offers level 3 to 9 programs catering to students with different career goals. Their courses are designed to keep students abreast of the latest advances in technology and IT consulting. It also features one particular study option that addresses the current need for cybersecurity. Another educational provider namely, New Zealand Skills and Education Group (NZSEG) has diploma programs that will help students become internationally recognized. IT Technical Support and IT Software Development are two different courses that offer a bright future in this field.

Construction Programs

There is a steady growth in the construction industry of New Zealand leading to work opportunities with figures expected to rise until 2026. New Zealand and Now emphasized that around 6,000 jobs a year are expected to be filled and that many of these skilled individuals may come from foreign countries. The jobs in this sector are diverse; tilers, plumbers, carpenters, and engineers are some of the few specialists that are needed in this field.

If your educational background allows you to take further studies under construction management programs at Unitec Institute of Technology. You can take advantage of New Zealand’s urgent need for more manpower in this industry. The courses allow students to follow a study path and progress as they reach their desired career level. The institution provides learners the opportunity to team-up with a senior construction manager for a year to fully develop the skills and expertise needed. Programs are designed to help students acquire the best practices by the current trends and apply the learnings through actual construction management activities.

It’s never an excuse to set back our goals because of the COVID-19 crisis. Today’s the perfect time to start planning in preparation for next year’s events. Powerful countries have relaxed their parameters in the hopes to reignite the interests of foreign students. This brings a perfect opportunity to those who wish to build a good future in one of the best countries and raise their career to the highest level. Are you interested in one of these programs? Talk to our friendly Fil-Global agents and discover your options as you receive our one-on-one orientation. You may also join our free webinars by checking the schedules on our social media page. If you’re too busy to do any of these, drop us your CV by visiting our website and our agents will contact you. Act now and become one of New Zealand’s highly-skilled and desirable foreign professionals!


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