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Kick Off Your Best Canada Family Vacations With the New CIE Program

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Have you caught yourself lately staring at those old getaway photos? Do you miss the smell of the sea, the touch of fine sand on your toes, and the taste of salty water splashing as the whole gang plays beach ball under the heat of the sun? If your family is more of a mountain vacationer, how about the clean, crisp smell of the morning breeze as you sip your favorite cup of coffee fronting the foggy mountain range? We all have that one dream vacation from the simplest one to the most extravagant holiday we can imagine. If you’re reading this article, you must be one of those planning to take that well-deserved break on a whole other level. What if I were to say that with the new program, families can now combine tourism and education, giving you the best international experience? Read on and start planning as you are about to discover the best Canada family vacations through the new CIE Program.

Why Choose Canada?

If there’s one country a family would like to visit, Canada surely tops the list. Nothing beats the fantastic outdoor activities and quality education this country can offer. There are so many things to do from in-class learning to the much more fun stuff such as camping, skiing, hiking, kayaking - the list never ends! There’s never a dull moment in this place. You’ll be delighted to take it as your choice for further learning and venue for your next family adventure!

Canada has been known to have a tremendous economic opportunity, offering vast job opportunities, free public health care, and high-quality schooling systems. It offers many advantages for the whole family making it the number one choice for most migrants. Taking the new Canadian International Experience (CIE) program allows the family to be involved in the actual environment making it easier to assess the possibility of migrating in Canada.

The New Canadian International Experience (CIE) Program

The CIE Program is a short term invitation-based education and tourism program designed to allow the whole family to experience living the Canadian way without the need for rigorous requirements.

Unique Features

As opposed to a regular Canada Visitor’s Visa, there are many exemptions offered by the CIE program.

Best Canada Family Vacations

Since CIE is a mixture of learning and fun, it’s expected that the whole family attends to the ESL program and information session on Canadian Education and Sightseeing. The program will significantly benefit those families who want to get the most out of their vacation. It provides the chance to immerse in the actual culture for a certain period and see if the whole family adapts well. It also allows students to experience the Canadian learning system before entering a proper student visa program; this helps prevent waste of time and resources for the whole family. As for parents, the stay will help them discover employability, business opportunities, or even further studies.

Who Will Implement the Program?

The Beacon House International College will take charge of implementing the program. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the school specializes in preparing students to obtain the high school credits needed to pursue their college or university studies. Lessons are carried out by providing flexible classes in small groups with part-time or full-time options.

What better way to have a full fresh start by planning ahead and transforming your family’s dreams into a reality? As we are ending this trying year, many of us must have come up with a lot of realizations in terms of financial stability, economic importance, and security. 2020 has given us so many challenges that one cannot afford to disregard as more hurdles are set to appear for the coming years. Today gives us the perfect time and opportunity to reassess and plan things forward. Why not allow a group of immigration specialists jumpstart the process?

Fil-Global offers a variety of services from tours, study/internships, skills migration, spousal visas, and many others! They offer individualized programs designed to meet the applicant’s needs and qualifications. With various programs and partnered institutions all over the world, you are ensured that wherever you go and whichever path you decide to choose, Fil-Global has got you covered. Speak to their friendly agents online and book your appointment!

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