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Top Sault College Programs for Filipino International Students

Are you dreaming of going abroad? Are you a college graduate or a Filipino professional who wishes to study overseas but does not know where to start?

Today, we are offering you a chance of a lifetime! Sault College, Canada’s fully accredited school, in partnership with Fil-Global Immigration Services is offering a STUDY NOW, PAY LATER program for this Year 2021!

We're offering a program that gives you a chance to secure a study permit and the right to remain in Canada for the duration of the grant―one to four years! Students can legally work part-time, on or off-campus for 20 hours per week, and the chance to bring the entire family (if married) via the Open Work Permit Arrangement. Spouses can even work full time and get to enjoy the perks of traveling within Canada or the United States borders.

If this sounds interesting to you, read along and discover why studying in Canada at Sault College can be your best choice to help you build your career and reach your dreams!

Why Canada?

Before we explore more about Sault, let’s first examine what makes Canada the best country to pursue your international studies.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, with a strong, fast-paced growing economy, and ranks highly among countries in terms of quality of life. Canada has also garnered huge ratings based on international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, economic freedom, and education.

The country also features a varied landscape including majestic mountains, rolling plains, forested valleys, beautiful blue rivers, and lakes―overall, a beautiful scenic environment! All these will make you fall in love and tempt you to stay long.

Why Sault College?

Sault College is a fully accredited Canadian post-secondary institution granting Ontario college diplomas, certificates, and graduate certificates in over 50 full-time program areas including Engineering, Technology, Health Studies, Community Services, Information Technology, Media and Design, and Business.

Field, Canada

The school’s rankings made them one of the top-performing colleges in Canada. The institution ranked top 2 for overall student satisfaction in the past 6 years, number 1 college for quality facilities (four years in a row), and number 1 College for quality of learning experience. Its vision is to make society a better place by providing a transformative life experience, empowering those who study with them and to think and learn in progressive and innovative ways.

The institution aims to make their students actually be able to say these four statements after an experience with them:

“I get the education I want and more”

“The People Are Great”

“It was worth for me to come here”

The experience changed my life”

The organization is operating a student-centered focus. What is also most appalling is that Sault College is located in beautiful Sault, Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, a perfect setting for your education to begin. Living in Sault, Ste. Marie offers the kind of lifestyle that people dream about. The space to breathe and the ability to prioritize whatever is most important that day. The sun, miles of sandy beaches, swimming, BBQs, biking, and more.

It is a gateway to summer adventure, with sides of camping, hiking, and roasting marshmallows you want. For the summertime urbanite, Sault also has enough to keep you busy; dog parks, skate parks, downtown street parties, walks along the boardwalk, a summer concert series, outdoor yoga and fitness classes, and a 22.5 km non-motorized hub trail are just some of the amenities you can take advantage of. Want to know more? Visit

The Features

Now that we are filled with enough reasons to go for Sault College, it’s time to check the advantages of getting a sponsorship from their institution.

  • Post Grad Work Permit - allows students who have graduated with a Bachelor's degree in public or private institutions to gain valuable Canadian work experience. Read /study/work-postgrad.asp.

  • Programs with Co-op option - co-operative education is a method of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience. This gives academic credit for a structured job experience. Co-ops are full-time, paid, or unpaid positions.

  • Work While Studying – full-time undergraduate and postgraduate international students can work anywhere on and off-campus for up to 20 hrs per week without a work permit. On average, a part-time student would earn anywhere from $800 -$1500 a month (e.g. 20 hrs /week x $11/hr x 4 weeks= $880).

Top Programs to Choose From

As we all know, there’s quite a difference between our country and Canada’s educational system. Looking at all the programs can be overwhelming. To make things easier for you, below are some information about the most sought-after courses at Sault College.



The world of business has changed, and today, globalization is the new normal. Whether you are planning to enter fashion or finance, or maybe you have a deep passion for video production, architecture, or sports. Whatever your skillset and interests are there’s a business side to the equation. Every industry needs accountants, marketers, managers, financial analysts, and technical support staff, in other words, business majors!

Business as a field of study is a very practical and profitable venture for interested students. It can open a world of possibilities. One of these is when you wish to develop crucial communication skills like writing a convincing report, presenting a winning pitch, or even drafting the right email―all these require having excellent communication skills.