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The Advantages of Getting a Canadian Spousal Work Permit for Student Visa Holders

Studying abroad with family left in your home country can be very lonely. Apart from not being with your loved ones, you have no choice but to do every single thing on your own. That includes securing your funds, attending to your own needs, literally everything! The hardest part of going solo is when you get sick, you have to drag yourself to school or work even if every inch of your body is aching. While we do understand why applicants sometimes decide to set aside plans for full family immigration, we also would like the present and future Fil-Global members to know the advantages of a Canadian Spousal Work Permit for student visa holders. So if you’re caught on the brink of deciding, read through this article and see if flying with your spouse shows to be more beneficial.

The Canadian Spousal Work Permit

Before we even discuss how an applicant can benefit from this permit, let’s first check what this visa is all about. A Canadian Spousal Work Permit is a privilege granted to a family member while the other works or studies. The visa is issued the same length of time as the spouse’s study permit. With an appropriate application for extension, its validity continues when the partner decides to stay for further studies or while waiting for their Permanent Residency (PR) status.

The Open Work Permit Pilot (OWPP) program was originally set to end last July 31, but with the recent changes, the government has decided to make it a permanent policy instead of granting another extension. This permit is not dependent on a sponsor or an employer, the applicant only needs to meet the requirements.

The Advantages of a Canadian Spousal Work Permit

Your spouse can work full time. Though students are guaranteed 20 hours a week of working rights, sometimes this can be demanding for someone getting a complete course load. You need to set a balance between your academic and work life. You don’t want to end up re-taking those units would you? If your spouse can do more hours for you, you’ll end up with fewer worries. It’s tough to concentrate on your studies while stressing on your finances at the same time. Ideally, students need to secure funds (such as tuition) before studying abroad. But this kind of scenario doesn’t exist all the time. More often, students pay for their tuition using their hard-earned money from part-time work. Having a helping hand will make your life easier.

Canadian Spousal Work Permit student visa holders

Various career opportunities for your partner. Work permits are easier to get when you are in Canada. Whether high or low skilled, being there alone gives you the edge of getting a golden opportunity. But if your partner possesses highly-valued skills, chances of getting a work permit could increase. For example, if your spouse is a nurse here in the Philippines and has a good amount of experience or other qualifications, getting a working visa is within reach. Check out your eligibility in Canada’s official website and see if you have a profession of what they consider to be ‘skilled jobs.’

Family unification. Sometimes, couples or families want to play it safe. They prefer to test the waters first and check whether both of them can take the challenge of living abroad. Some would like things to settle down before letting their partner join them, this can also be a good strategy since applying for a spousal visa a few months later will help establish your credibility as a bonafide student. Even if your husband or wife doesn’t go at the same time as you, you will still be guaranteed of a spousal work permit.

No IELTS needed. If the applicant enrolls in a program that requires an IELTS exam, there is no need for the partner to secure a language test. The same goes for those students who weren’t required for an English exam. Getting a Canadian spousal permit largely depends on the main applicant. The students must also make sure that they are enrolled in either of the three if they are planning to avail of the permit for their partner: public post-secondary schools, Quebec private college-level schools, and Canadian private schools. Fil-Global is in close ties with Applyboard - an organization that offers professionally curated programs. Together with our company, students are assured that their options are from top-rated schools while they take advantage of special offers such as discounts.

Canadian Spousal Work Permit student visa holders

Switching dependents made easier. Did you know that if your partner gets hold of a work permit or a permanent residency (PR) in Canada, the student (originally the main applicant) can become the dependent? This is a good fall back! Although a situation like this rarely happens. International graduates of Canada always find themselves a good opportunity after finishing their studies. Since most of the courses offered are designed to meet the economic and labor demands of the community, you can be sure that your educational pathway will lead you to a marketable career.

Extensions of visa validity can be granted. As long as your partner stays in Canada legally, spousal work permits can be requested for an extension. Canada offers a generous benefit to temporary residents and would like to encourage families to live the Canadian experience. They see future migrants that possibly holds valuable skills in every foreign national, this is why national economic programs are created to help fix the depleted workforce in their respective provinces.

Are you a member of the Fil-Global community who wishes to unite with your spouse? Contact Philippine’s best immigration consultancy firm and see how we make things happen for you. Visit our website and book for a consultation or chat with us. If you’re still in your early application stage, and you’ve decided to work on your spouse’s visa. Talk to us and we will be glad to offer you options.


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