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Upcoming Changes to the 2021 UK Short Term Visa

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

We all know how the Brexit has changed systems in the UK government. And as for some immigration policies and procedures, things are about to change too. The modifications set forth on the 2021 UK short term visa will impact the English Language Training (ELT) sector and the move is geared to help improve the economic status of the country. International students have been known to bring a large sum of revenue for the UK economy and the government is eager to bring back the stellar records, regain the losses brought by the pandemic, and once again become one of the leading countries to proactively participate in global student mobility.

The UK Home Office targets those who are looking to go to the country and stay for six months or less. This brings good news to visitors who initially planned to visit the country and found good opportunities e.g. further learning. Having the power to shift from one purpose to another without the need to change your legal documents brings numerous advantages to travelers. The UK government first announced the updates after releasing further details on its Points-Based Immigration System last July 13 of this year. Policies, however, have not been finalized and are still on the making but this kind of development gives us a small part of the big chunk of what is about to come. The benefit of increasing visa flexibility extends to the ability of applicants to easily meet the requirements. Additionally, with the hopes of bringing back the 20 hours per week working rights, this will serve as a turning point for students to avail of a school’s program.

What’s in It for You?

Fil-Global members have different reasons for going abroad. Some are definite in their purpose of going overseas but are caught uncertain of the type of program they want to pursue. While some can determine which country interests them because of the presence of families but are unsure of what program they would like to be part of. It’s totally understandable and that’s okay! That is why when news like these emerge, immigration firms can’t help but be thrilled on the developments for this will definitely help their clients in taking the initial step on their new journey. So, if you are yearning to take further studies in the UK but wants to get ample time in checking the best school or you simply just want to have the first-hand experience on the type of culture the country has before making a major decision, this pathway offers the best option for you!

Another advantage it offers is the multitudinous opportunity it brings once you land on the country. Who knows? You could get the job you’ve been dreaming of just by being in that place. The new UK short term visa could also save you from shelling out unnecessary expenses. Not all foreign people are happy with the kind of community they’re in. There are moments when members realize that going for a different program in another country like Canada could give them more satisfaction in meeting their social or educational needs. Various unprecedented situations can happen and having flexibility gives students the chance to make the changes without any trouble.

The UK program was once one of the greatest opportunities ever presented to international students. The sudden surge, however, led to some restrictions and the industry experienced a decline while other countries have continuously emerged in this sector. The UK may be the last option to look at by students for now but it holds a promising future with the immigration policy developments set to come out by early 2021.

Currently, Fil-Global still offers different UK programs for a wide range of clientele. The recent one targets internationally educated Nurses wanting to take the internship program that would lead to a work permit under NHS hospitals. If you are someone planning to get the UK program, set your worries aside as the FG agents are here ready to present the best program there is to date. Book a consultation and hear the experts deliver the best pathway for you. Whichever country you wish to go to, this time grants us the perfect opportunity to start planning for our future. Start now and be one step closer to your dreams!

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