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Can I Study in Canada for Free?

The opportunity to study in Canada is a dream come true for any aspiring young and mature Filipinos who wish to improve their professional career. Why? Simply because it offers the best of both worlds!

Being able to study abroad means having the chance to take one’s career to a higher level while earning at the same time. It also offers plenty of favorable circumstances in terms of employment and earning potential. Overall, your options are limitless!

But like most of the good stuff, it comes with a price tag. So, given the costs involved in partaking in international studies, you’d find yourself asking “Can I study in Canada for free?”

Before you even proceed with reading this article, know that the quickest and most straightforward answer to this is “No.” Unfortunately, unlike other countries, such as Germany and Norway, Canada doesn’t offer free education to international students.

But, what’s great is, you could actually lower your school fees through different options! And I am here on a mission to tackle this as we go along.

Free Education in Canada for International Students

Can I Study in Canada for Free?

International students refer to any foreign learners studying outside of their homeland. Since we already know that going to Canada to avail of a tuition-free college degree is impossible, how about for those students with dependents who wish to take advantage of the Canadian public school system?

One of the greatest things Canada can offer to a student’s dependent is free childhood education. As long as the principal applicant holds a valid student visa, the child may benefit from Canada's world-class education system!

Study in Canada on a Low Budget

Although the idea of studying in Canada at zero cost is far-fetched, what’s not is making your foreign education as economical as possible.

Let’s take a look at the different ways on how to get an education overseas without breaking your pockets:

1. Enroll at a college or university that offers low tuition fees.

Attending any school in Canada is expensive, but to gain entry, some institutions may only require you to pay part of the entire tuition fee. If you are on a low budget and wish to pay most of the fees once you’re already in the country, look for a school with flexible payment terms and low tuition fees.

2. Acquire the services of a student placement agency.

Can I Study in Canada for Free?

Applicants can choose to process their student visa on their own and even enroll at a college or university all by themselves, however, it comes with disadvantages and risks. The process can be daunting and could get more costly due to higher chances of denial.

  • Partnered schools are verified and guaranteed high quality.

  • Streamlined and professionally-guided visa processing.

  • Wide network of professionals.

  • Save yourself from worries and troubles.

When you are under the care of an expert, you can be sure that all the circumstances involving your application are foreseen, and any probable issues are addressed before final submission. Businesses in this industry are well versed in handling different visa applications and are capable of extracting information from a legal practitioner.

3. Choose a school featured under Fil-Global’s “Fly Now Pay Later” (FNPL) promotion.

Are you still hoping to get a “Yes!” when asking “Can I study in Canada for free?” Although this option doesn’t change the fact that getting an education overseas entails expenses, the FNPL is the closest choice you can get when looking for a cost-effective way of attending a university overseas.

This promotion will allow you to receive the same benefits as regular Fil-Global members but with a structured payment scheme, providing you with enough time to settle the dues. Check out our previous post about the FNPL promo and see how to avail of the program.

4. Apply for a scholarship.

Many institutions in Canada offer as much as CAD 10,000 worth of scholarship discounts. Seats, however, are very limited! If you are an academic achiever, taking up the scholarship program is a great way to save on your tuition fees.

University Canada West, for one, provides this kind of privilege to well-deserving students. Below is the information on UCW’s scholarship program for international students:

UCW’s Entrance Scholarships

There are various types of awards applicable to an international student and this can only be granted once. During submission of the application, a personal statement is required and should be provided before the deadline.

Once the scholarship is granted, students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.67 to 3 and represent the university in its outreach activities in the Philippines.

As for the scholarship value, some provide grants as much as CAD 5,000 while others are calculated based on the difference between international and domestic tuition rates. The award value can vary depending on the quality of the application and personal statement, and is disbursed to recipients as tuition credits.

Now that you know your options, it’s time to stop wishing for a change of tide! Despite my pessimistic answer to the question “Can I study in Canada for free?”, the alternatives should offer you the chance to work out on lowering your cost of getting a foreign education.

Would you like us to walk you through the application process? Book an appointment with one of our friendly Fil-Global agents and experience stress-free visa processing!


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