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Study, Work and Live in Germany: The Next Go-To Destination for International Students

Students consider various factors when taking further learning in a different country. Their decisions could be influenced by culture, academic advantages, economic stability, and employment opportunities. A lot of our posts lately have highlighted opportunities in Canada, Australia, and other non-European programs (blame it on the honest-to-goodness offers.) But did you know that there is so much to offer in EU study programs? Read on for this article will show you why students choose to study, work and live in Germany.

Studying in Germany

Germany is an academic haven for learners all over the world. The country possesses world-class, top-ranked universities, offers an affordable living cost, and zero to low-priced tuition (will expound on this as we go through). On top of that, the country’s rich culture also offers a unique experience for students. Do you find pleasure in discovering castles, picturesque towns, and historic buildings? If your answer is yes, Germany offers the perfect place for you.

This beautiful country is increasingly becoming a famous destination for international students. In fact, according to the German Study Guide, the latest statistics show that 29.5% of these students come from Asian countries. This doesn’t come as a surprise since the quality of education offered at German universities is globally recognized. Programs delivered use up-to-date methods with curriculums that are backed by research.

Study, Work and Live in Germany

For study purposes, applicants need to acquire a student permit to stay in Germany for the entire duration of the course. Some students may not need a German student visa. Applicants in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, South Korea won’t be needing a permit. As for Philippine candidates, this permit is needed to gain entry to the country. Fear not, Fil-Global will be glad to assist you throughout the process.

To study in Germany, you also need to secure a reputable college or university. Arden University is the official partner school of Fil-Global with post-graduate programs in the field of Marketing, IT, and Engineering. There is no need to take the IELTS exam if you are taught under the English language. An English certificate will be requested from your previous providers stating that the language was used as the medium of instruction.

The institution also offers undergraduate programs in Business, Healthcare Management, and Finance. Professional qualifications may lead to exemptions of some requirements. If you have a substantial amount of experience, the school may offset some of its standard qualifications.

Working in Germany

Like any other study program, students are guaranteed 20-hour working rights in a week. Sometimes it can be challenging to get yourself employed on a job related to a program you are taking. However, you can initially start with small-time jobs that can help you get through your living expenses in Germany. Commonly, students work part-time as baby sitters, F&B staff, or shop assistants. After successful completion of a program, students may extend their permit for another 18 months to allow more time for job searching. Switching to a German Employment Residence permit can be done after finding a stable job. Your work experience will eventually help you gain permanent residency in Germany.

Living in Germany

Europe is known for its lavish lifestyle. Do you wonder how costly it could be residing in a European country? Surprisingly, Germany offers an affordable cost of living with an average of around 850 per month. A big percentage of your monthly expenses can come from rent. That is why co-sharing is the practical way of spreading your obligations. Here in Fil-Global, we make sure that our members are taken care of from the start of the application up to the arrival of their destination country. As part of the company’s service, our agents can make accommodation arrangements on behalf of the students.

Study, Work and Live in Germany
Koblenz German Corner Sachsen

Some schools offer tour packages around Europe for international students. With the beautiful sights ready to be discovered, how can one resist the breathtaking view of these countries? International students are allowed to take a trip to Europe using a Schengen visa. This is a separate visa from your student permit and can be secured while doing your studies. Having this visa will allow you to take short visits to some of the wonderful places in Europe, such as France, Belgium, Spain, and Iceland.


According to Study.EU, Germany doesn’t take education as part of the economy’s business sector. Unlike other powerful countries, Germany has a different point-of-view when it comes to education. Because of this, public universities have remained tuition-free even for local and international students. It is designed this way so that the best graduates may stay and reside eventually after finishing their program. This strategy has been proven to be effective in the development of the country’s economy. That being said, why don’t we just enroll in their public universities? Technically, anyone could, given that you have learned the German language.

So, what are the advantages of being enrolled in a private institution? Although the quality of teaching doesn’t differ, private universities offer a better specialization of a program. In recognition of the costly fees, students are provided with discounts and scholarship grants. Another advantage that Arden offers is blended learning with personal and 24/7 online lesson delivery. Classroom sessions are only required two days a week while access to technology is given to students.

The Germany study program proves to be another pathway for members out there wanting to study and live permanently abroad. If you are someone looking to invest in your career, this program deserves a one-on-one discussion with one of our Fil-Global agents. Call us now or drop us a message to book for an orientation. Start planning for your future! Now is the best time to do it.

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