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5 Obstacles Filipino Students Meet When Studying Abroad (Plus Tips on How to Overcome Them)

Studying abroad can be one of the most challenging things students can do in the entirety of their careers. It’s a different story when you go abroad to work alone. You’ll be faced with numerous trials, with some you haven’t even thought of encountering. At times, it can be a battle of dignity and self-worth. We all know that the road to success will never be easy. Despite all these, you will have to choose to face the trials head-on. This article isn’t meant to frighten our Fil-global (and soon to be) members! We meant to talk about this topic openly to help our applicants become fully equipped. Are you ready to discover the 5 obstacles Filipino students meet when studying abroad? Read on and make this a tool to guide you while you pursue your dreams of learning, living, and working abroad.

The 5 Obstacles and Tips to Overcome Them

1. Finding Work

Most Fil-Global programs have Co-op work options. However, this part of the module doesn’t come until mid-year or your second academic year. Some students claim that they can never find a job while studying, and I purely disagree with this. When I studied in the UK, I got myself 3 jobs in a matter of one week. These are all self-caught without the help of anyone. I guess it’s about finding a job in the right place.

Tip: If you’re used to applying for jobs manually, this isn’t the case when you’re in a foreign land. You need to get yourself acquainted with local job sites and easy blue-collar job posts in the meantime to help yourself get by during your first few months. Learn the power of building your resume and constructing good application letters. Employers can’t see you when you apply electronically, but they can read the type of employee you are by just skimming through the content of your email. Have you ever thought of working online? Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, some locals prefer to find workers who can do virtual services but are living in their homeland. Most of these clients choose those who can do high-quality work for an affordable rate. Filipinos have an outstanding reputation when it comes to job delivery, which makes it easier for Filipino students to land jobs.

5 obstacles Filipino students  studying abroad
blue collar part-time jobs

2. Managing Finances

If you have read our previous post that talks about the advantages of getting a Canadian Spousal Work Permit, you’ll realize how lucky couples can be when both parties decide to fly together. Bringing your better half with you on this journey is like having an extra hand to make ends meet. If you’re single, there’s no other way but to do things on your own. Although it can be hard at first, living on a budget can become easy when you think of your priorities.

Tip: When you are studying and living abroad, there are several ways to manage your finances effectively. First, you have to secure yourself. Skip sending money to your family in the meantime until you become financially stable. Second, the faster you find work, the more you keep your cash flow going. For now, it doesn’t matter if the job doesn’t correlate to your profession. As you make more connections, there will be plenty of opportunities available. Third, go for co-living spaces. Paying for rent shouldn’t become a burden. Getting a bed space instead of a room will help bring down your monthly dues.

3. Cultural Differences

There are things which we might find unusual but are part of a foreign country’s culture. Schools open to international students have a diverse group of learners with different backgrounds. This diversity helps future professionals in their chosen careers practice real-life social and work situations. While we can’t possibly fully adapt to their ways, it’s important to at least blend in by knowing and respecting their practices.

Tip: Before you immerse yourself in a foreign land, take time to know their cultural traditions. This is the time to develop your social skills. Filipinos are extremely friendly by nature. It is an edge that makes other nationals (friends, co-employees, or employers) seek our presence.

5 obstacles Filipino students  studying abroad
International students in UK

4. Distractions While Completing a Program

There are times when students find better chances to earn more, forgetting their goals and tempted to cut their journey short. Finding the right balance between work and studies can be hard, especially if you are a healthcare student allowed to work more hours during this COVID-19 crisis. Students need to dedicate study times and completion of assessments aside from attending in-class sessions. Since this can be burdensome for those who are treating work as a priority, it can be helpful for students to set limits from the start.

Tip: Write down your goals before even stepping on your country of designation. Highlight the factors that make a PR applicant more valuable. Know the things that a student visa holder must undergo to get a successful PGWP. Once you have everything documented in a journal or even your smartphone, you can go back to this information anytime you need to. This will help you re-straighten your objectives and purpose of studying in the first place.

5. Feeling homesick

It takes time to get used to a new environment with a fresh set of friends and people you have to deal with daily. When everything gets very hectic, you’ll find yourself too tired to even think of making time for your family back at home. This feeling is normal and needs to be managed positively for the sake of your mental health.

Tip: Fil-Global recommends involving your family in your study plans by bringing them with you. Almost all programs offer free studies to kids with spouses eligible to work full time. It is a wonderful feature for those who have plans to migrate permanently. If this doesn’t work for you and the situation only allows you to go on your own, find options on how to communicate with your friends and loved ones. Set up a schedule for weekly video calls. Do not wait for loneliness to come creeping in before you start calling and messaging the people you value.

As countries begin to welcome back international students, members are getting excited about starting their new life abroad. With all the preparation that one has to do, remember to ready yourself emotionally. For all other things - documents and process-related, Fil-Global has got your back! Your lifetime membership with us will allow you to enjoy benefits ranging from your application period, arrival, program completion, to change of status. Call us now or visit our website to know more about our interesting programs and ‘fly-now-pay-later’ promo. Our friendly agents are waiting for you!

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