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Let’s Get Real: 5 Reasons Why I Studied Abroad (and Why You Should Too)

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

All of us, if not, most of us want to try living abroad. There’s that strong urge of independence boiling deep inside us especially if we’ve spent college living with our parents. Personally, it happened to me. Hearing an opportunity to study and work abroad intensified that huge sense of need and optimism. The moment I heard the agent speak about a UK program, I knew it was going to be the gateway to the beginning of a new adventure.

We all have our reasons why we want to study abroad. I bet 90% of us big dreamers would say “to have a better career opportunity.” I did think of that too, but for me, my reasons were beyond that and were more of personal development. Are you trying to validate your own goals too? Let me reveal to you the reasons why I studied abroad and be convinced that your deciding factors paved your way to a good start.


I grew up in a strict family (at least that’s what I thought). I could never go out with my friends that easily and I haven’t really tried things on my own. A lot of people might not see the importance of becoming independent but it affects the growth of a person. Being independent helps create confidence and motivation, it’s a skill learned outside a classroom and can affect your real-life encounters especially when entering the exploration stage of your career.

If this is your main reason for getting the study and live abroad programs, don’t feel awkward because you’re not alone. Though it could be a costly option, it’s an opportunity that hits several birds in a stone.

Reasons Why I Studied Abroad

Change of career

Have you felt being locked up in a career you never knew was a burden to you? When I took up Nursing, I enjoyed every bit of classroom learning I had. It was too late when I realized that the clinical field wasn’t for me. I was more convinced when I started working in the hospital and didn’t enjoy what I was doing. Perhaps I failed to understand that the duty hours spent during my college days are a piece of life on what it’s like working after finishing studies. When I took the UK program, I decided to take up a Master’s Degree in International Hospitality Management and felt I was finally heading on the right path.

Academics and real-life job experience offer different learnings. That is why colleges give utmost importance to practical learning and co-op work, applied knowledge makes students globally competitive making it the best method to develop skills. Are you a business student wanting to pursue a healthcare course? Or perhaps a mature student wishing to take a total shift in your career? Whatever you want to pursue, we have that perfect kind of program all set for you! Reach us through our website or social media page so we can start planning your personalized program.

Side tours

I admit, seeing new places has long been part of the plan. After all, who can resist the scenic spots Europe has to offer? I may never have the chance to secure a Schengen visa but I was treated enough with the magnificent sites the United Kingdom has in store. If it was only easier to get other options, I would have chosen something like the Canada CIE program. Knowing how hard it was to go abroad during those years, I thought the UK program can offer me a lot from studies to opportunities and tours.

Reasons Why I Studied Abroad
Victoria and Albert Museum


Belonging to a small percentage of confused new graduates, I was eager to find an opportunity for me to find the right career and seek better options. After spending a year in London, I enjoyed working in the field of hospitality. I was planning to push for a Canada program. But due to lack of options and guidance, shifting from one course to another in a different country can mean serious work.

People now are so lucky to have Fil-Global. The establishment of this company made it easier for people to achieve their dreams. FG’s mission has stemmed from the CEO’s goal to help everyone establish a career path right from the start of the process. It’s no wonder why all of the programs were designed to reach the PR status of the applicant. I was one of those who had the first-hand experience of taking a program with an elusive pathway, I knew very well how it was being in a program with a dead end.

Bigger earnings

Sure having bigger earnings abroad entails bigger expenditure but we all know the value of other country’s currency here in the Philippines. My blue-collar jobs in London helped me get through my daily expenses such as rent, food, and even tuition. Those are work which I have only found with the help of job sites. So if you’re taking a program that features a paid co-op option - wow! Lucky you!

There are several offers by Fil-Global that feature a co-op option. To name a few, here are some of the most sought-after programs:

  • Acute Care Aide Program by Pacific Coast Community College

ACA is a full-time diploma program aimed to prepare acute care aides in various healthcare settings. The program is a mix of theoretical and practical courses delivered over 71 weeks. Students are guaranteed a paid internship via Co-op work in their second year. They are also pre-approved for a 3-year work permit which can be applied on the 12th month of stay while studying.

  • Healthcare courses by Niagara College

It features paid co-op work opportunities that help students put skills and lessons learned into practice. Students may qualify for 3 years PGWP, PR, Provincial Nomination, and Canada Experience class.

  • Patisserie courses by Academia

Learning will include a paid training/immersion which will take place in some of the finest 5-star hotels in Australia. Should you finish a diploma course, graduates are qualified to apply for Permanent Residency.

If you are a potential healthcare student in Canada or Australia, you can enjoy more hours of work as the government eased up the restrictions placed on working hours for students.

Whatever our reasons are for pushing further studies abroad, there is no way to let fear stop us from achieving our dreams. All the more with the kind of Fil-Global programs offered to its members, students are one step ahead in reaching their goals. Start preparing for your career while the situation permits. Now is the perfect time to act! Message our friendly agents, attend our webinars, or better yet book for a one-on-one consultation. Start planning for your future and don’t let another opportunity slip.

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